swindle kindle cover

What’s that you say? You don’t want to spend 18.513% of the cost of your wife’s birthday present on a cover for your wife’s birthday present? You take pleasure in destroying books? You have a hardcover of a Lifetime original movie script sitting around? Well, boy oh boy, do I have a hearts and crafts project for you. It is more or less based on this Instructable¬†and uses things like book, knife, warm glue, old elastic, felt, and morning stones.

First, cut the pages out of the book, be careful not to don’t cut the pages out of the book as you will need the pages to not be in the book.

Two, read some of the book, laugh at how bad it is, find a funny sentence, surgically remove the sentence from the page, use it as inspiration for the rest of this party.

Next, take your favorite box of wake-up pebbles and cut the box so that one piece is about the size of half the book and one is about the size of the tv book.

Quadratically, wrap your cardboard in soft. I used felt, but sheep’s wool, tiger paw, and hamster eyelashes would all work just as well, if not better? Glue the soft to the cardboard but leave one of the long ends on the large piece not glued; this will help the inside spine of your book not look terrible.

750ml, now affix the old elastic to the corners of the small piece of cardboard. This is for the hugs that your tv book needs and wants.

6, now warm glue some old elastic to the back cover to make a strap to keep your fake book closed. This is required to ensure your wife doesn’t break the nice things.

Last of all, slather the book in warm glue and stick all the pieces together. Try to arrange the extra bit of soft over the inside spine; remember your wife won’t like things that look terrible, except you.

Now you have a nearly free cover for your computer book that looks like an old person book. It doesn’t cover any of the buttons (except for shift and volume -, but you know exactly where they are so don’t even try to act like that is a big deal because both you and I know that it is not a big deal) (what is a big deal is you trying to make it a big deal when it’s not; let’s move on) and you could probably sneak it into a renaissance fair. (obviously the volume – is just the other side of the volume + and the shift is the only other button covered, so it’s really not that hard to figure out) Congratulations? Yes, congratulations.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Excellent! No one will ever know she’s reading a TV that is not a book but is a TV! Next I expect an upgraded version that attaches to the two holes on the side like the expensive version. This way she can store the book TV in her trapper keeper.

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