Wild Thing

Surprisingly, there is a national park with wild animals within Nairobi, its 6km from my hotel (7km from the city center). The park is opens to the plains in the south so wildlife are free to come and go. Side-note: On our drive to Garissa I saw many wild animals that I had anticipated only being able to see in a reserve, such as wild ostriches, antelope, giraffes, baboons, and crocodiles. Also, I didn’t bring a special camera for the game park, so apologies for the poor quality of pictures (ahm..Bourbon).

Let me start off by saying I was extremely lucky. As soon as we entered the park we asked the guard at the gate for any reports on where the most popular animals were, and he told us that some lions had been spotted off of Road No. 1 the day before, so we drove over there, and guess what? Right in the middle of the road were two mama lions and 3 cubs, and we were the only car there for awhile which was amazing. The driver told me that I was the luckiest girl he has ever known, in his 10 years he has come to the park (he is a taxi driver in Nairobi) he had never seen cubs.

African Buffalo.

The zebra on the right reminded me of Marty from the movie Madagascar. Every time I look at this picture I half expect him to start talking.

Mama and baby baboon. The guy baboons were so aggressive. One of the cars in front of us had left their windows half down when they got out to take pictures at this stop area, and a baboon went in and grabbed their snacks.

We went looking for hippos, but didn’t find any. Boo hoo.

An Eland.

After I went to the Nairobi National Park, I stopped by Sheldrick to see the elephants they rescue from the wild and raise (many of them get to re-enter into the wild). Sheldrick is only open 11am-12pm so there were hoards of tourists (which is reflected in the below picture as well).


Sheldrick also have a five year old rhino called Max. When I saw him I the hiphopopotamus vs. rhymenoceros song by Flight of the Conchords got stuck in my head.  

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