Before Roast, Bourbon gave me my gift, a wedding band with the inscription dolcezza mia, which means’my sweet.’  I find it quite fitting given my love of making and eating sweets and all things Italian. Now you might ask why he got me a wedding band two years after our wedding but its actually quite simple. During our ceremony we exchanged rings we had bought one another in high school, about a year into dating (my junior year, his senior year), engraved with our email sign off ‘loving you always.’ However the high school ring didn’t sit well with my engagement ring so after the wedding I continued to wear them on separate hands, telling myself I’d get a wedding band at a later anniversary. I wasn’t in any rush so imagine my surprise when I get in the car to go to Roast and reach to get the GPS out of the glovebox and I see a card and a small box from where Bourbon got my engagement ring, yes my heart started to beat a bit faster…..

Since I was unaware that we were exchanging gifts before dinner, mine remained in our abode until post-Roast. And what did I get him……….I mean us? A Vin Santo from the year we met and started dating. Of course I had to get some sweets to go along with said dessert wine. So we munched on almond biscotti and chocolates from Zingermans (a whiskey coated fig and a stout truffle – I went for ones Bourbon would prefer) a few nights later (we were much too full after Roast to properly enjoy such a treat) while reveling in the realization that we’ve been together for almost 11 years (he ‘asked me out’ over the phone on October 5th, 2000) all while having flashbacks to enjoying Vin Santo in Italy on our honeymoon.

Update: I just realized those are the wine glasses we got during our first anniversary trip at a wine festival in Traverse City, how fitting.

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