For our second anniversary we went to Michael Symon’s Roast in Detroit. And lo and behold, we actually ran into some of Bourbon’s parents friends when we walked into the restaurant; a couple that has the same anniversary as us and were at our wedding.

We’ve been waiting to try Roast for awhile, and one of the main reasons we chose it was so we could both have our first bone marrow experience. So of course we started things off with the roasted marrow (see the picture above), which was served with sea salt, oregano, capers and chillies. And given our love of cured meats, and more importantly Michael Symon’s, we also had to try their charcuterie plate, which to my delight had both of my favorites on it -proscuitto and lardo, and the edges of the lardo had been rolled in fresh rosemary. What is a girl to do? But back to the roasted marrow, I had no idea what to expect. I was actually expecting a thin little bone where I would have to suck the marrow out. So when it arrived, I was happy that I could use silverware. And I needed to, a lot of the small marrow pieces were stuck in the matrices. As for taste, I would say it had the texture of rich, buttery, melt in your mouth fat. It also had somewhat of any overpowering aroma of meat (which I didn’t really enjoy). So there we’ve now tried bone marrow, would I get it again? Probably not at Roast, but I’d give it a shot somewhere else for sure.

For the main course we shared our entrees as we always do. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me its always a bit awkward swapping half-way through, I tend to keep my eyes on the table in order to avoid any judgmental stares from fellow patrons or the waitstaff. Anyhow we’ve got the swap down to a science now, Bourbon lifts his plate and I slide mine under and volia its done. To get back on track, I had the seared duck breast which was served with herb spaetzle and duck jus, and Bourbon had the smoked pork chop with polenta, pickled chilies and bbq onions. Both main dishes were delicious, and the polenta was out of this world. Although the dishes were great overall, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the herb spaetzle, the texture was a bit chewy which I am going to blame on large pieces of herbs in it.

For dessert I had to try the beer & pretzels which consists of Guinness ice cream, chocolate pretzels and caramel foam (isn’t Bourbon so sweet? – he always lets me choose the desserts). I couldn’t get enough of the foam. I also especially liked that they used thick rectangular pretzels, like Synders, so the pretzels weren’t lost in the ice cream and also prevented any unappetizing mushy bites. Oh our anniversary celebrations don’t end with this dessert, we also took a trip out to California to continue celebrating via eating and imbibing so stay tuned for more food related posts.

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