Healdsburg – Cali Day 4

The day started off biking to Bella Winery (about 11 miles north of our inn in Healdsburg). The scenery was so beautiful that we took too much time taking in the sights and realized we were only half-way there when it was 5 minutes before our tour and tasting was supposed to start. So we put the pedal to the metal and booked it to the winery.

Sweating, we joined the rest of the group in the cellar.

And then wandered outside to see and taste some grapes and more wine


Upon which we ventured back into the underground winery for a tasting

After the tasting our next stop was Michel Schlumberger 


So we hoped back onto our bikes and headed south.

To our delight the winery had two dogs that kept us company during our tasting.

After Michel we biked to lunch at a gourmet gas station of sorts and indulged in an Italian tuna sandwich, prosciutto sandwich and chevre with black truffles with beer. After satisfying our appetite we headed to another winery before heading back to the hotel to talk a dip in the river and enjoy some of the B&B’s wine hour with wood fired pizza.

In the next post we’ll cover the remainder of the trip; might as well finish what you started.

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