Pain d’Epi

We made Pain d’Epi (wheat stalk bread) after having some at Chez Panisse. We have no plans to go back to making french baguettes anymore, we like that this version lets us have more crust.


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  1. Rosemary says:

    Disclaimer: we aren’t super fancy that we always have rosemary laying around to dress up pictures. A colleague from work actually gave me the rosemary from her garden that day and you’ll see tomorrow what we used it for…

    • Bourbon says:

      Hint: we used the rosemary to make a tiny wreath. We then set the wreath on fire and chanted incoherently into the night sky. By morning, when we woke up on the dew soaked lawn, the birds had taken to us as though we were their royalty. Soon we commanded them to gather round us and flap in unison till we were granted the gift of flight! We flew for miles over the speck-like people and tall buildings below. Eventually, they left us in a field filled with bluebonnet flowers; the smell was intoxicating. We took the night train back home and found another pile of rosemary lying on our kitchen counter…

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