Hasta la Vista Guadalajara

My last night in Mexico I went out on the town with two colleagues and some of their friends. It was there that I had my first ‘Mexican flag’ which consisted of a shot of gran centenario anejo tequila (I brought Bourbon a bottle home, along with another anejo tequila and a mezcal which has a worm in it!), fresh lime juice (none of this sweet and sour mix) and spicy tomato juice. although it sounds kinda hokey I rather enjoyed being able to appreciate the taste of the tequila by sipping on it and then taking a sip of one of the lime juice or the tomato juice.

For dinner we ordered a sampler of foods and I couldn’t possibly recount what they brought us, but it was wonderful. We also shared a bottle of tequila with the table (a reposado) and made palomas (tequila, grapefruit soda and fresh lime juice), although one of my colleagues put some sparkling water in his as well in order to still be able to taste the tequila.

Before dinner we drove around, since I hadn’t been able to see the city during the week due to work.

And we enjoyed some live mariachi as well.

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