Five Day Raw Food Diet – No Sushi (Day2)

Today I’ve really enjoyed complaining to people about how terrible my wife is and how she used her wizard tricks to make me give up normal human food… but even when I’m not on a food’s food diet, I enjoy complaining about her wizard tricks. She just has the best wizard tricks, there is no doubt about it.

For breakfast (pictured above) we had the kitchen sink blend of kale, green onion, carrot tops, lemon zest, amond milk, OJ, pomegranate juice, apple, almond, and walnut. Not bad. I came into work and there was a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie on my desk… but if anything this has made me want sweets less. So that wasn’t so bad. Listening to someone talk about the potato au gratin they had was much more difficult.

My coworkers went out for sushi, but greasy Chinese food sounded better (normally sushi would be much preferred). I got neither but salad for lunch was really good, I thought with spinach, cilantro (best part), green onion (second best part), tomato, and green beans. Didn’t really want to eat the blueberries and kiwi, but I did, cause I’m part of the CPC. 

I’m definitely not hungry while eating a shit-ton of fruits and veggies. I would consider myself full about half way through most ‘meals’ on this diet, but I eat my way through it because that is what you are supposed to do when you eat grass for a living.

I sort of feel all warm and snuggly and things seem brighter. I’m probably having a heart attack. I’m also a bit sweaty, but not in the normal pits region, more in the abdomen. It’s a very light sweat like the instant you realize that you are supposed to go on stage to recite the spelling of a difficult word, and you suddenly realize you are good at math and not spelling. It’s like that.

I’m only on day 2, but I’m not craving food that doesn’t suck as much as yesterday. My hands are normally cold, but they feel warm. I still don’t like hippies.

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If you want a more ‘scientific” approach to this diet and documenting it, you should see this weirdo’s website.

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