Five Day Raw Food Diet – I ate roadkill (Day3)

I didn’t eat roadkill, but I saw some yesterday and immediately thought it to be something that looked delicious. I’m not turning vegetarian. I’m not sure that my sense of smell is getting stronger but I find normal human food smells really really good. It is really difficult to smell how cheesy a pizza pie smells and not do a bellyflop into it and fill my ears with greek dressing… since that would not be against the diet. Once I am away from the smell, I’m fine with eating my yard trimmings and not thinking about it. The server closet in my office smells like a Fun Dip Lick-A-Stix, I don’t know what that means.

Now that I’m halfway through I done, I find that this diet isn’t quite as difficult as I would have expected. We spend less time preparing food (a downside in my opinion), I’m not hungry, but I do want to go out and eat food and have a beer and be a part of the circle of life again. This is boring but days do go by a lot slower… so more time to think about how much food I’m not eating. I am happy to see that I can live like this; I have no desire to given the alternative.

I would say that I feel different, perhaps more coherent, less foggy, no need for coffee, I’ve slept 5-8 hours every night quite well (normal), I think I tire more quickly from physical activity, but I feel able to hold a though for a longer period of time… this would probably be an ideal diet for a kid with ADHD, ADD, or a gut that is normally full of sugar.

Check out Day 2 or Day 4.

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