Five Day Raw Food Diet – Oh, salad again (Day4)

Nothing really new here. That is my main issue with this experiment. I was hoping for some eye-opening change that would make me want to switch to this diet (or something close to it), but I’m not finding it.

Positives: wake up easier, no urge to drink caffiene to stay alert, more coherent/less distracted mind, my muscles feel almost a post-workout ‘warmth’ when I haven’t worked them (probably my body eating my muscle)

Negatives: it has ruined my food-centric life and I desire to eat something that tastes like all the delicious smells around me, my cravings are for terrible food that I know are terribly unhealthy (Kraft mac n’ cheese and liquor store pizza).

So the hardest part is keeping the motivation and willingness to subject yourself to this diet. We agreed last night that we would break the diet for dinner on Day 5 as opposed to waiting till midnight. I’m bored of the wonderful bounty that God has placed on this earth for me to eat raw. I feel like those additional six hours of frustration and anticipation will be worse for me than eating cooked food. We’ve been eating this way for at least an estimated quarter of a million years. I hope we’ve adapted some by now.

As of now, I feel like I’d probably do this again, perhaps once or twice per year. It’s a nice change of pace but I wouldn’t recommend it for the long term if you like to eat things that taste good. It’s true that what I was eating tasted better than it normally would had I not been on the diet, but that makes sense to me. If you stopped putting on cologne you’d realize a lot of smells you didn’t smell while you were wearing cologne. It’s useful as a reset and a interesting experiment. As for length of the diet, I’d guess that 4-6 days is probably ideal for me, no less than 3. But as of now, I’m over it.

Check out Day 3 or Day 5.

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